May 27, 2022

Kia ora koutou 
ORC and the consultants would like to share the work they carried out to investigate the flooding and liquefaction hazards in Glenorchy Township. 

This will be via an online presentation where the consultants will present their findings and answer questions. This will be done via Zoom. The details are below.  

Please share this with your neighbours, friends and other contacts in Glenorchy or in the Head of the Lake area.


For those unable to attend, the information, including a recording of the meeting, will be made available the following day on the Head of the Lake project web page

We will have follow up sessions (as many as needed) with the community throughout this adaptation process, starting with a meeting in Glenorchy later in June. These will be opportunities to discuss findings, and let us know your feedback – we value your input. 

The meeting link and details

Head of the Lake Liquefaction and Flood report findings
ORC community presentations
Date: 2nd June 2022,
Time: 6pm-7.30pm  
Format: Held remotely via Zoom 
Join Zoom Meeting (instructions below)
Host: Councillor Alexa Forbes
Facilitator: David Cooper, Principal Advisor - Iwi Relationships and Strategic Stakeholders 
Intro to the project Jean-Luc Payan, Manager Natural Hazards 
Consultant Sjoerd van Ballegooy, Tonkin + Taylor Ltd 
Consultant Matthew Gardner, Land River Sea Consulting Ltd 
Other ORC attendees include:

  • Gavin Palmer, General Manager Operations 
  • Anita Dawe, General Manager Policy and Science 
  • Jo Galer, Manager Communications and Marketing 
  • Tim van Woerden, Natural Hazards Analyst

If you have any questions at this stage, please email us at headofthelake@orc.govt.nz

Instructions if you’re not familiar with Zoom
Please click the zoom link above. This will open your browser to a Zoom window, with prompts you to launch meeting. If you don’t have Zoom installed, don’t worry. When you click launch meeting you will see further down the screen the option to ‘join from your browser’. Choose that option.   

You will then get a prompt to enter your name and join.  

You will go to a virtual lobby first and then we will let everyone in. Don’t worry, we know you are there.  

Your settings may automatically mute your microphone and video.  

You are welcome to put your video on.  

Please initially mute your microphone if it isn’t already muted (you will see the little icons at the bottom of the zoom screen that show video and mic with a line through it that means they are off). Our facilitator will welcome you all, and give you the agenda, format and how we will answer questions, plus other tips on how to participate in the meeting.  

Please note, the meeting will be recorded and made available to the public the following day via the Head of The Lake webpage for those unable to attend.

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Contacts If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email us at headofthelake@orc.govt.nz

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