I am not a photographer...

I am simply someone who enjoys taking photos and happen to live in a place that is so immensely beautiful, that to not carry a camera would be a crime. I am most definitely a ‘point and shoot’ person, using my trusty old Canon EOS that has never seen the inside of a protective case and is so full of Dart River dust, it’s a surprise it still goes! It sits constantly on ‘auto’ and if anyone mentions the word ‘aperture or ‘shutter speed’ -I switch off. 

I leave that to the professionals and admire those in the profession who create magic with photography. For me it's all about keeping it simple & keeping it real. 

Prior to moving to Paradise over 6 years ago I was known by family and friends for my artwork & paintings, not photos. I guess my creative side has just changed directions slightly. I use my ‘artist's eye’ when using my camera and like to capture nature, from all angles. I enjoy bringing Paradise to life for those that can't be here, through sharing on facebook the daily happenings of life in Paradise.

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