Paradise Trust currently has three projects underway as part of its Paradise Protection Plan. These projects all work towards preserving and enhancing the exceptional natural attributes of the property and protecting the native flora and fauna. All projects utilise volunteer assistance particularly through Help Exchange. The three projects include:

Replanting – Paradise has three established sites dedicated to the replanting of Kowhai trees that are grown from locally sourced seeds. This is part of Project Gold (a community/Doc initiative to ensure a golden future for Otago).  Each volunteer to the property is required to plant a Kowhai tree and construct deer proof fence to protect it. The tree is then named after the volunteer and to date over 40 trees have been planted.

Weed Control – Paradise works closely with Doc to identify, control, reduce and eradicate where ever possible, invasive non native plants that threaten to spread through native beech forest. It is vital that these pest plants do not spread to the adjacent World Heritage areas - Aspiring and Fiordland National parks.

Animal Pest Control  -  This project was given a boost last year when it received a biodiversity grant (its first from Department of Conservation Doc) to go specifically towards its pest control efforts which include a network of stoat traps, bait stations and possum control. Paradise Trust is home to a number of nationally threatened species including the long-tailed bat. Since receiving the grant the Trust has already boosted its stoat/rat traps to 30 which provide good cover for the area surrounding the long tailed bats communal roosting site.  The presence of communal roosting areas is not only vital to Doc but has proven to be a draw card for visitors to Paradise who enjoy “bat spotting” at dusk.

The key person involved in the above projects is Mandy Groshinski.

Phone: 03 442 9956

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