Welcome to My Gallery -

At Bronzes by Pauline, I provide unique Wildlife sculptures and bronze images of wildlife that will enhance your home for years to come.  The process of creating bronze sculptures has intrigued me since 1997 and now my bronze works of art are in homes and businesses all over the world.

My Inspiration
Prior to 1997 I had focused on painting, but on a trip to Wyoming I was fortunate to visit the studio of Joffa Kerr, who sculpts whimsical animals.  I left with a golf ball size of clay and started manipulating it in my hands.  At that time I said this feels so good, I am going to sculpt and I have been ever since.  I feel most fortunate to find something that I love to do.  It has given me a better understanding and appreciation for our wonderful wildlife.

 I have always loved animals and feel so privileged that I am now sculpting wildlife.  I am a tactile person.  When I have made a decision to sculpt a particular animal,  I research it and study it’s anatomy.  I become very energized when I am working on a piece.  In my mind I can feel the fur or feathers, the wet nose, the ears flicking, the heart beating, the mother looking over her young.  I feel  I  am giving it life through my hands.  It becomes a part of me and is very gratifying.

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