Samuel Earp is an international artist who loves to paint landscapes in oils, especially scenes of New Zealand, Australia and Guernsey among others.

Born on the island of Guernsey in 1979, he grew up in the South West of England where he did a lot of drawing and painting from an early age. He has been living in New Zealand since 2009 and he currently resides in Queenstown.

Always having loved painting landscapes, especially water and the sea, which he enjoys painting most of all, Samuel says “I love recreating the colours, light and atmosphere of nature on canvas. Painting gives me an enormous sense of well-being and connectedness”. He particularly likes the dramatic landscapes and beautiful colours that are so unique to the New Zealand wilderness and often channels this into his mountain paintings. 

Whilst Samuel mostly paints in the studio he also loves to paint ‘en plein air’ (painting outdoors on location). Recently Samuel has made several painting trips to Glenorchy to paint the landscape ‘en plein air’. It is his intention to paint some studio paintings of Glenorchy scenes. 

You can view / follow Samuel art work online at the websites below:

Samuel is also based in the Queenstown Arts Centre if anyone wants to visit his art studio and almost all of his paintings are for sale.