I first came to Glenorchy for a week over 20 years ago. I’ve now built my home and business here and plan to stay a wee bit longer. 

This is an inspiring place with amazing photo opportunities offered in every direction, because of which I often find myself running out the door to take advantage of capturing the changing light on this amazing landscape.

I started my career working in PR for a regional development agency in Northern England and then continued to master my marketing and graphic design skills while working for tourism companies based here in the Southern Lakes and on the West Coast.

At about the same time, I started to get excited about the possibilities digital photography had to offer and purchased my first decent digital camera over 10 years ago.  I like the fact that I’m able to take endless pictures of every angle and so I never miss that “hero shot” I’m always looking for.

In 2014 I officially launch Invincible Design Ltd (named after the Invincible Creek up the Rees Valley) and provide graphic artwork, web and photography solutions to both start-up and established businesses.  

I consider myself very lucky to be able to live and work in this beautiful place and privileged to be able to capture some of the important moments in time, here on my doorstep. and

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