I have always been interested in people and places… a place has a spirit of its own for sure, but when you add people in some context you also add stories we might all relate to.  I love to tell a story with my camera and evoke an empathy with my viewer…I love if they can take something personally from my work.  Its about a picture becoming poetry…its about seeing between the lines and being honest in my environment.  My work is forever evolving and I love that… something new at every turn and the same places in different light leads to new adventures.

As a babe I imagined and played out my creative adventures wholeheartedly…and my time was duly spent after high school evolving my creative by attending the' Dunedin School of Art, majoring in Printmaking. 

Photography was always close to me, even in the tactile,  print studio where a lot of my fine art work came from.  Those were the days that developed how I think and act behind my camera too and I am forever grateful for my art school days for developing the eye I have behind the camera now.   My children are my reason for wanting more from my photography.  An Autoflex Konika, film SLR had me hooked and the rest was history!

I have spent the last few years studying with S.I.T (Southern Institute of Photography) and am due to complete my diploma in digital photography next year.  My time studying has really opened my eyes to the just how much I can create these days using my trusty Canon Camera!  Opportunities in the creative realm in photography are endless… and that makes my heart beat a little faster for what I love to do creatively.

I am currently working in many fields of photography, with particular interest in portraiture.

Facebook page: Sharee McBeth Photography

Contact: +64 3 441 2351