At a very young age I found myself attracted to drawing and painting.

My interest persisted through my school years leading to a year at art school. I then worked as a graphic designer, school teacher, and house designer over a 10 year period while continuing to paint as a hobby. However, the urge to paint persisted, and so, encouraged by an award in the Kelliher art competition and a successful one-man exhibition, I took the plunge and went full time. Apart from brief diversions into other work over the 48 years since then, I have worked at the never ending task of improving my painting. 

I have noticed changes in my work -  moving from more detailed work towards a much broader style. This is possibly because I want to express my feelings about what I'm painting rather than paint a photographic image. 

The things that excite me now are more to do with colour and tone, light and shade, the ambience of a place, perhaps the scale of the mountains around me, the play of light on a puddle in the Rees, or the metallic grey of the sky before it snows. When you consider these things, it's obvious that Glenorchy is a magnificent place to paint!

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors so, with encouragement from other painters, I decided to try ‘plein air’- working from start to finish on the spot. A huge challenge at first, but now, I prefer to spend most of my time working outdoors. It is so much more stimulating. Different scenes, colours, and new ideas bring more lively work. It does have downsides though. The pressure of urgency, sandflies, changing light, wet weather, etc. - but on a good day, you can’t beat it.

But I believe in a balanced life!  I still do some work inside. In the extreme cold of a Central Otago winter morning, the studio can be very attractive!.  There, I can do those paintings that are just too large or complex to tackle outside. 

I’m very fortunate. Being in the heart of the mountains has given me an unlimited choice of subjects at my doorstep. Sweeping snow faces, rocky ridges and the tussock on the river flats. When a change is called for, the surf and wet sand of the coastline are never too far away. Old buildings are great too. They speak of history - the never ending battle of man’s efforts against the ravages of time and the weather.   

Having been a teacher, I now enjoy teaching aspiring painters from other parts of the world. It gives me the chance to show off Glenorchy - and it makes a change from most often working alone!

You can see my work at or in my gallery in Glenorchy (Campbelltown)

Ph: 03 442 7757 or 027 4538 636