VJ Day Celebrations in Glenorchy 1945

Among the treasures of the Glenorchy Museum collection are a few photo albums that were gifted to us. One of those albums came from Les Matheson and within the album are a series of photos that capture the V-J Day Celebration festivities in Glenorchy in August of 1945.

Lucky for us, the Lake Wakatip Mail (23 August 1945) describes the events of the day for us in their Glenorchy Notes. You’ll notice some familiar names among the children who were in fancy dress…see if you can spot any of them in the photos or if the Robin Hood costume now might fit Hunter instead!

“Celebrations for V-J Day began at 1.30 p.m. on Thursday with a grand fancy dress parade round the block of vehicles, bicycles, tricycles, prams and children and adults. Merriment was continued during the afternoon and a delicious afternoon tea and soft drinks were served. Games, dancing and singing were the order of the day and Mr F. Massey gave an excellent exhibition of roller skating. At 8.30 p.m. the bonfire was lit.

The victory ball grand march was led off in the evening by Mr H. Bryant and Mrs H. Matheson. Music was supplied by Mrs Sutherland, Mrs D. Scott, Miss E. Scott, Mrs L. Smith and Mr P. Massey. Supper was handed round and enjoyed thoroughly. Prizes for the various dances were won by Mr H. Bryant and Mrs M. Matheson, Mr E. Massey and Mrs J. Wylie and Mr and Mrs L. Smith. Mr E. Gaskill addressed the gathering on the occasion of the celebrations and was loudly applauded.

The social committee hired Mr Tomkies’ launch “Muratai ” to bring residents from the various places on the lakeside up to Glenorchy. Altogether the day and night were a great success. The children who were in fancy dress are as follows: Pat Paulin, Jolly Swagger; Brian Cornish, Indian; Stan McPherson (cowboy; Ray Robinson, clown; Donald McDonald, sundowner; Russell Reid, Robin Hood; Gary Robinson, clown; Trevor Robinson, clown; Leslie Matheson, clown; Michael Smith, clown; Ivan Smith, Indian; Roland Smith, Drummer boy; Graeme Scott, Grenadier; Peter Wylie page boy; lan Wylie, pussy cat; Ross Elliott, Indian; Rich Bryant, cowboy; Donald Hume, Dutch boy; Lois Robinson, Eastern lady; Beverley Robinson, Irish colleen; Fiona McDonald, gipsy; Dawn Cornish, nurse; Isobel Morton, Spanish lady; Jenifer Reid, rosebud; Ailsa Craig, Spanish girl; Carol Hume, Dutch girl; Mina Reid, fairy; Helen Hume, Scotch lassie; Mavis Elliott, Dutch girl; Beth Elliott, patriotic girl; Ruth Bryant old lady.

Visitors to Glenorchy for the celebrations included Mr, Mrs and Miss Shaw, Elfin Bay, Mr and Mrs H. Bryant and family, and Mr H. McKenzie, Kinloch.”

Next month we’ll be going electric, so be on the lookout for the story of the Oxburn Power Station.