Sustainable Glenorchy

Sustainable Glenorchy Sustainable Glenorchy (SG) was established in 2016 by a group of local residents concerned about the consequences of some of Queenstown Lakes District Council’s (QLDC) proposals, particularly their intention to implement an expensive hybrid gravity wastewater scheme for Glenorchy.

The aim of SG is to ensure that local and central government decisions that affect the people and the environment of Glenorchy are made with meaningful public involvement and discussion; with complete and reliable information; and following the required statutory processes. These decisions should be consistent with the principles of sustainable management (according to the Resource Management Act) and the Glenorchy Community Plan.

SG is involved in a range of activities including writing and presenting submissions, advocacy, meetings with councillors, holding events and responding to community concerns. We have been/are involved in a broad range of issues affecting the community:

  • Wastewater

-         SG is opposed to a hybrid-gravity system supported by QLDC. We have developed a Management Framework for Wastewater to guide discussion on a preferred wastewater management for Glenorchy.

-         SG is opposed to QLDC seeking consent to discharge wastewater overflows to water.

  • Chlorine – QLDC has temporarily chlorinated our drinking water system (DWS). SG is opposed to chlorine and is advocating that this be removed when our DWS is compliant with the national Drinking Water Standards in 2021.
  • Waste Management and Minimisation Strategy – SG is concerned about the lack of waste minimisation in this area and is promoting recycling, reducing the use of plastic, straws, take-away coffee cups, and wipes.
  • Active transport (cycling and walking trails) – SG is promoting trails from outside Glenorchy into the township i.e. from the Bucklerburn in the South and the Rees Valley in the North.
  • Glenorchy Town Centre Masterplan – SG has requested QLDC fund the development of a town centre plan to manage sustainable growth in the town.
  • Noise pollution – SG is concerned about the high number of aircraft flights in the area and is opposed to any commercial growth at the Airstrip and informal airports in the area.
  • Future development in Glenorchy – SG is not opposed to development but is promoting development that is aligned with the Community Plan.

A key consideration for SG is climate change and the impact our carbon footprint is having on the environment. We work closely with the Glenorchy Community Association and we believe, if we are to affect change, we need a reasonable number of members. With the pressure of growth in Glenorchy and the surrounding area there are many issues that arise very quickly. SG will consider any emerging issues for the community.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of SG please contact Trish Fraser or mobile 0274 435 241.You can also support us on our Facebook page

Donations welcome! Bank account: 031355 0890246 00

Committee is: Bruce Farmer (Chair), Trish Fraser (Secretary), Fiona McQueen (Treasurer), Mike Spencer, Jan Hendren, Jessie Bouchier, Paul Chapman.