Temple Peak has been my home for 35 years. I spend a lot of time outside watching the seasons come and go and my textile work reflects my delight in our amazing landscape.

Natural fibres are a great link to the land and I prefer to use silk, wool, hemp and linen where possible. Sometimes I use commercial fabrics (often recycled) but I prefer to dye my own colours to get the palette that I like. The machine threads that I use are commercial but a lot of the hand-stitching threads are hand-dyed. I also make my own felt and there’s a recycled blanket in many of the works, visible or not. A few old swandris have found their way into some of the pieces alongside dyed blankets which is a great final destination for a garment that has been outside in all weathers.

Sustainability is the big issue for us all so if any of my works make you pause for five seconds to consider our relationship to the land, I will be delighted.

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