Apr 5, 2019

ATTACHED PLEASE FIND The minutes and extra information

from the GCA Special Meeting on Mining held 21st March 2019

1. Minutes of the meeting

2. DOC Consent

3. QLDC Consent

4. Submission on District Plan changes from Gary Gray (NZ Tungsten Mining Ltd)

5. Email correspondence w/ Ian Bayliss (responsible for the District Plan)


Last night the GCA held a special meeting about mining. At that meeting, the motion was passed: 

“That the GCA is opposed to commercial mining in the Bucklerburn/Whakaari area and is concerned that :-

1. New Zealand Tungsten Mining Ltd have been granted permits and a non-notified consent by DOC and QLDC for drilling operations without any input whatsoever from the community;

2. New Zealand Tungsten Mining Ltd are expending significant sums on mineral exploration and challenges to the proposed District Plan to make the planning regime more mining friendly and reduce the proposed protection afforded to the Whakaari Heritage Landscape - eg in the District Plan “Insert a new policy: Identify the location and extent of existing or pre-existing mineral resources in the region and encourage future mining activity to be carried out in these locations” 

3. The large scale mining operations intended by New Zealand Mining Ltd are a complete mismatch with the Future Vision for Glenorchy set out in our Community Plan and

4. Mining operations in this area would significantly compromise the integrity of our water supply.

The GCA is instructed to make representations with DOC, the ORC and QLDC at the highest levels to register these concerns as a first step to ensuring operations as described by New Zealand Tungsten Mining Ltd do not occur.”


There are many options we could take for action: judicial reviews, injunctions, publicity and media campaign, engagement of national-level decision makers.

We are issuing a call to action for the community.

If you have knowledge of the process for judicial review, injunctions, media campaigns or other options for opposition, please submit a briefing paper to the GCA, no more than 1 A4 page, no later than Friday 29 April for consideration at our April 4 GCA meeting.

This will enable GCA members to come to the meeting with deeper insight so that we can discuss a plan of action.

Full minutes of the meeting will be issued shortly. 


GCA committee member

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