Zero Waste Glenorchy

Zero Waste Glenorchy was formed in February 2021 to drive the Glenorchy community towards its goal to be a Zero Waste community by 2035.

It's an open discussion group with people passionate about sustainability and trying to help our community reduce its waste. At the moment the group is forming an action plan to focus for the rest of 2021 and this page will be updated once the plan is ready. There are many ideas being considered: Composting, recycling education, workshops, community garden, reducing construction waste, arts and crafts, phasing out single use coffee cups and single use takeaway packaging, and much more. 

The group is holding meetings once a month. A date for April will be set up soon and updated here. 
If you would like to get involved please email Daniel Nogueira at  


Wednesday, 16th June, 6pm, Community Hall. We are having a "Creating an Identity" meeting where we will define things like Vision, Mission, Values and the direction of our organisation. Everyone is welcome to join us and help make decisions that will impact the future of Zero Waste Glenorchy. For more information contact Daniel Nogueira at