Welcome to Glenorchy and land of Pristine Backcountry used in the making of THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY. Our Company is Kiwi owned and operated and we would love to show you around the 100,000 acres that we ride exclusively.

Try a one hour walking ride in Paradise which puts you in THE LORD OF THE RINGS country. Ride in MIDDLE EARTH AND THE VALLEY OF ISENDGARD. See the TRUE scene where Boromir was killed in our forests, in the BATTLE OF AMON HEN.  LOTHLORIEN scenes were also filmed in Paraidse. Capture the FANGORN FORREST AND THE MISTY MOUNTAINS while our guides explain these movies and also the HOBBIT!  This is the ride for the movie buffs with other movies filmed on our trails – Wolverine X-MEN origins, Prince Caspian, Narnia – Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe AND MORE. 

Wanting longer on a horse for the more challenging come and ride our REES RIVER TRAIL (2.5 hour ride) and experience crossing a Glacial-fed River and for the more experienced come trotting and cantering down our exclusive trails. 

High Country Horses off rides from 1 hour through to 4 days, fully catered.

Give us a call if you want to do the BEST RIDE IN THE SOUTH.

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