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Dave Smith aka Smithy is the Big Boss of the Glenorchy Motors - where our PO Boxes are located and also it is the home of our village's NOTICE BOARD. So this is the online version of Smithy's Noticeboard. 
We encourage everyone to use it - these classifieds go miles!

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Capture Chiropractic


Chiropractic Care available in Glenorchy

Welcome to Aspiring Chiropractic! The clinic will open on the 1st of May 2019 and will offer chiropractic care and massage therapy in Glenorchy. To celebrate its opening, the clinic will be offering FREE INITIAL APPOINTMENT ON ACC, 50% OFF PRIVATE INITIAL APPOINTMENT and $15 OFF 60 MINUTE MASSAGE during the whole month of May 2019. Please visit for more information.


GY Uber


Couple arriving at Queenstown Airport on 26th April 8am.

would like a ride from Queenstown to Glenorchy

or start of Rees Dart track. If anyone can help please contact:-

 Nathan on 027 224 7165 or

Richard on 027 789 0018.

 Willing to contribute to costs.



There will be yoga at Camp Glenorchy every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from now on. All welcome :-)

Everyone Welcome at CGY Yoga


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We are an eight line zipline course operating in a stunning gorge on Rees Valley Station, 10 minutes from Glenorchy, one hour from Queenstown. Bungy jumps are also being added here in the near future!

For the 2018/19 season and beyond we are looking for enthusiastic zipline guides & drivers plus an all star Office/Sales Managerwho will bring:

–        a passion for the outdoors and local region

–        a professional but fun personality that inspires confidence

–        a responsible attitude to keeping our clients safe, cared for and engaged

–        current first aid certificate preferred

–        P class licence required for drivers and an advantage for guides and office manager

–        Legal entitlement to work in New Zealand a requirement

–        Paradise Ziplines participates in active drug and alcohol testing to ensure a safe workplace in accordance with the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992

In addition guides will bring:

–        a head for heights and physical fitness that allows you to be on your feet all day while carrying equipment and assisting others

–        a self starter who willingly carries out maintenance tasks when not guiding

–        previous zipline guiding experience preferred, some outdoor guiding experience required

 The Office/Sales Manager will be:

–        An all rounder with experience in accounts, reservations, social media management and an excellent phone manner, with knowledge of the local tourism industry an advantage

We will be employing both full time and casual guides and drivers for the summer season and beyond so if you'd like to be a part of this exciting, growing business get in touch by emailing your details to

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Hey Glenorchy,


I'm popping a note up on the board today to re-launch my business coaching here in town.

The GY locals rate is $100 an hour, which is less than half what I normally charge.

If you're keen for a half hour complimentary session to get started then let me know!

Business Coaching - Glenorchy

Danelle Jones
Custodian, tribe Leadership Retreats

NZ +64 204 122 6550 | AU +61 400 119 204 | Skype: danelle.jones

Tribe Southern Soak

book club


Glenorchy Library Change of Friday Hours

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For real estate, AirBnB listings, Council project developments, aerial mapping, checking on stockor simply an image of your own residence in the stunning environment we live in.

Give me a call and I'll let you know what can be achieved. 

Laurence Belcher with the drone POST beginning of JUNE

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Community Composting Initiative – Update

In April 2017, The Headwaters presented a proposal to install a continuous flow, automated
composting facility (the Earth FlowTM composter) on their site on Oban Street for processing
compostable waste produced by Mrs Woolly’s General Store and Camp Glenorchy, with the
view to opening it up to the community, if there was sufficient interest.

The Headwaters requested feedback on the proposal from the Glenorchy community through a presentation
to the Glenorchy Community Association on 6 April 2017, followed by information on the
Glenorchy Community website and interviews with local businesses and local residents
(apologies if we didn’t get around to you all!).
Thank you for everyone who provided input. The findings indicate we have a very
environmentally conscious community, with the majority of respondents already undertaking
home composting or providing food waste as animal feed. Whilst most local businesses
were in favour of a community composting program in Glenorchy, quite a few of these were
already committed to providing their compostable waste as a resource to other parties.
Whilst most of the residents interviewed indicated they were in favour of a composting
program in Glenorchy in general, only about one-third indicated they would participate. The
key reasons given were that compostable waste was seen as a resource for animal feed and
replenishing the soil, and also home composting was considered more convenient.
However, waste audits of The Headwaters operations during the off-peak and peak
seasons, and discussions with interested local businesses, indicate that there is likely to be
sufficient compostable material available to warrant installation of an Earth Flow composter
in Glenorchy. The Headwaters is preparing an application to seek funding for the project,
from the Ministry for Environment Waste Minimisation Fund. Applications must be submitted
before 14 May 2018, with successful applicants notified in October 2018 and funding
provided from March 2019. The project would also need to obtain the necessary consents
prior to construction and operation.
The Intermodal Earth Flow composter that The Headwaters is considering, is made by
Green Mountain Technologies (, and designed to fit
inside a 20 foot shipping container. The unit can process up to 0.5 tonne of organic matter
per day using aerobic ‘hot’ (50 – 65 degrees Celsius) composting. Organic matter is added
to the load end, and a travelling auger mixes the compost and moves the compost slowly
towards the discharge end of the vessel producing a high-quality compost in two to three

The unit has the following engineering controls:
• Fully enclosed insulated system – provides control over process air, limits noise, and
prevents pests.
• Mixing auger – oxygenates the compost, breaks up anaerobic pockets, and evenly
distributes moisture. The auger can be programmed to mix 2-4 times per day, or
used manually.
• Positive aeration system – to boost oxygen in the pile.
• Bulking agent – provides carbon for the composting process, absorbs moisture, and
provides air space in the pile to maintain optimum composting conditions. The
Headwaters is looking at shredded cardboard and dry garden waste as key bulking
• Biofiltration – all process air passes through a biofilter to remove odour, before being
released outside of the container.
The composter would be located at The Headwaters site on Oban Street. Whilst the details
of the proposal have not been finalised, it is expected that the Earth Flow unit will be located
behind the existing General Store away from the site boundary. Collection of compostable
waste from the community is likely to be at a central drop-off point on site and any excess
compost produced would made available to the community.
If you would like further information on the project, or have any comments or questions,
please email The Headwaters at, or drop a written comment in
to the General Store, before 1 May 2018.
Intermodal-Cut-Sheet.pdf Earth-Flow-Features-Benefits.pdf Community-Composting-Initiative-Update-5-April-2018.pdf

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Calling all those interested in playing netball in Queenstown on either Saturdays or of an evening during the winter competitions

Competition runs from late April till August

If you would like to be part of the team please contact Brylee 021 2515542 for more information