Oct 17, 2018


Town planning workshop next week in the Hall - Friday 26 October,  5.00pm - 7.30pm

Yes there will be snacks!

Our focus will be on pedestrian and traffic safety, as we have an opportunity to secure some money for this work

- but we know the issues are also wider than just traffic.

GCA are hosting a 2-3 hour workshop to discuss important issues for the town to help minimise the impact of traffic and tourists on the residents' free enjoyment of the township. We're inviting councilors, representatives from local contractors and consultants to this forum to hear the community's views.

Some of the ideas already floated for discussion include:

* Pedestrian-only access on some roads

* Location of the bus park and heavy traffic routes

* Freedom camping areas, parking for campers and facilities in and around the town

* Glenorchy to become cat free

(No but seriously, let's talk, we value your opinion).



5.00 - 6.15 - Introductions, pain points, prioritise the issues

6.15 - Break

6.30 -  7.30ish - Envisioning success, deep dive on top-5 issues and wrap up (what we all agree on, what still needs discussion)

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Oct 22, 2018 @ 10:42

How do I put ideas in to the meeting to discuss..?
I think (& a lot of others) we need to address the speed of traffic on the main road into Glenorchy, straight past a Primary School - It is SO DANGEROUS and that stupid sign DOES NOT WORK - IT DOES NOT SLOW TRAFFIC ...!!
I put forward that we have three or four simple SPEED BUMPS ... One as you come into Glenorchy, just outside Glenorchy Cottages, then spread out as you drive along past Camp / School.
This would slow our locals down too...
Also, why not have toilet blocks at the start of Walkway near Glenorchy Journeys.. Bus loads and van loads of people stop there and use our beautiful walk as a PUBLIC TOILET..! It is revolting..
Please let me know how to get this to the meeting..?

Thank you