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4 Apr 2020

Our drive home - the most breathtaking scene in the world #glenorchynz #milliondollarview 📷 by @fiddlyfee Read More »

22 Mar 2020

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22 Mar 2020

As expected... 👍 Read More »

20 Mar 2020

The Government has put together a website that brings together lots of information about the Covid 19 pandemic and the things that we could all be doing in our own communities. Glenorchy is lucky to have a strong history of self sufficiency and resilience but many of you will know someone around you who might need a bit of extra help or support and perhaps there are people who are newer to town who don't have a strong link to a social network yet who might appreciate some tips. Look out for one another and check out https://covid19.govt.nz/ for a one stop shop for all the official information coming from central government during this period of uncertainty. Namaste and Kia Kaha from the Glenorchy Community Website team 🙂 #glenorchynz #safertogether Read More »

19 Mar 2020

Keeping it local ❤ Come explore our backyard #glenorchynz #keepitlocal #backyourbackyard #purenewzealand 📷 by HIGH COUNTRY HORSES - GLENORCHY - QUEENSTOWN Read More »

1 Mar 2020

Lots of updates on the Smithy's Noticeboard this week - Netball, Yoga with Sarsha and a couple of houses for rent. Click link for more info 😀 https://www.glenorchycommunity.nz/community/smithys-noticeboard/ Read More »

1 Mar 2020

Mt Earnslaw - the guardian of Glenorchy. Beautiful sunset shot by @rachstewartnz #glenorchynz #nzmustdo Read More »

28 Feb 2020

If it's dramatic scenery you are after ... you've come to the right place 🙂 Fantastic shot by local photographer Susan Miller Photography #glenorchy #glenorchynz #nzmustdo Read More »

28 Feb 2020

Great job up for grabs up at Wyuna Preserve. Click link for more details 🙂 Read More »

24 Feb 2020

JOB NOTICE - Cook / Cleaner job in Glenorchy up for grabs on Smithy's Noticeboard this week 😀 https://www.glenorchycommunity.nz/community/smithys-noticeboard/ Read More »

7 Feb 2020

After a wild week here in Glenorchy, we'll just leave this sheep right here to brighten up your weekend 😁 #glenorchynz #sheep Read More »