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19 Jan 2020

Need some advice on how best to apply for funding for your community projects? Check out these upcoming clinics with Queenstown Lakes District Council. Read More »

19 Jan 2020

Lots of interesting updates for you on Smithy's Noticeboard this week. Glenorchy Library Survey, house hunters, jobs, a request for NZ Falcon sightings and even a cow for sale! 😀 https://www.glenorchycommunity.nz/community/smithys-noticeboard/ Read More »

14 Jan 2020

Some great shots from the 58th Annual Glenorchy Races last weekend! Enjoy 😀 #glenorchynz Read More »

13 Jan 2020

https://wegotthiscovered.com/tv/willow-sequel-series-production/ Read More »

11 Jan 2020

BIG CHANGES AT KINLOCH LODGE. From Monday 13 January, Kinloch Lodge will be focusing on breakfast and dinner and reserved tour group business at lunchtimes and will no longer be open for passing trade during the day this summer. Hours change to 8-10 a.m. in the morning and 5-7.30 p.m. for dinner by reservation. Read More »

9 Jan 2020

Peaceful moments are priceless in @glenorchynz 📷 by @baroudeurfrancais #glenorchynz Read More »

6 Jan 2020

A cheeky wee summer job up for grabs at Queenie's Dumplings in Glenorchy 😀 Click on Ad below for more details! Read More »

2 Jan 2020

The biggest weekend of the year is nearly here ... The 58th Annual Glenorchy Races are this Saturday!! Click link for more details & the full program 😀🐎🐎🐎 http://www.glenorchycommunity.nz/events/show/269/57th-annual-glenorchy-races/ Read More »

27 Dec 2019

Summer is creeping in! Time for a glacial blue summery scene from @zee83 who recently visited 😀 #glenorchynz 📷 by @zee83 Read More »

18 Dec 2019

Great start to the holidays 😣 Sadie's bike got taken from School. Can everyone keep their eyes and ears open for us pls? It's a white SCOTT bike with blue text and stickers. Looks like the photos below. Really appreciate your help. Thank you! Kay 0220251579 Read More »

15 Dec 2019

The First Glenorchy Heritage Museum Outpost was opened last week at Kinloch. Amazing effort by all involved, make sure you head over and check it out. #glenorchynz Read More »

6 Dec 2019

Photogenic at any time of day 🌙 📷 by @craig_richards_photography #glenorchynz #astrophotography Read More »